Studio de Ronners is a creative agency founded by the two brothers Arwen and Matthijs Ronner. We develop visual identities for renowned museums, cultural institutions and clients from the business and non-profit sectors. We implement our artistic and strategic insights into our designs to create strong identities that stand out from the crowd.

Our goal? To reach the audience in a convincing, purposeful way.
Remarkable, bold and relevant!

We are an international team of talented designers. A perfect balance between Dutch courage and Belgian finesse. We also have access to extensive professional network of brand strategists, copywriters, web developers, photographers and filmmakers. Our studios are based in Rotterdam, Groningen and Antwerp.

We are always looking forward to creative talent. Would you like to do an internship with us? Internships at our studio usually last 4-6 months. We only accept people with an Art Academy background. You are always welcome to send us your portfolio as a PDF with a short motivation. We would love to hear from you!


An overview of our interns and trainees: Anneke Absil, Bart van de Dood, Isabelle Tzaraf, Ivet Torra, Jorick Quaasteniet, Kristina Jandova, Lisa Reckeweg, Lori Wollens, Marin Silvertant, Matyas Czel, Nadjida Nassy, Patrick Rijks, Rob Scheurwater, Tilius Sodeika, Morgane Staelens.

Architectuur Instituut Rotterdam
Atelier Rijksbouwmeester
Atelier Van Lieshout
Architecture Workroom Brussels
Beroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Ontwerpers (BNO)
Bierbrouwerij Maallust
Building The Future of Health
Claus Wiersma
Gemeente Groningen
100% Hedendaags
Holland Dance Festival
Internationaal Architectuur Biennale Rotterdam (IABR)
Instituut voor de Nederlandse Taal
Koninklijk Nederlands Historisch Genootschap (KNHG)
Loer Architecten
Museum Kranenburgh
Platform GRAS
Provincie Groningen
Rijksakademie Amsterdam
Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie
Takeoff Antwerp
TENT Rotterdam
TextielMuseum Tilburg
The CoFoundry
Unie Architecten
De Wasserij
Waterbedrijf Groningen
Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam (WFFR)
Z33, Huis voor Actuele Kunst, Design en Architectuur


European Design Award, Zilver, BNO Flyer promotion, Cards en flyer, 2020
European Design Award, Brons, Nipke, Eigen initiatief, 2020
European Design Award, Brons, Poster Is Not Dead, Eigen initiatief, 2020
European Design Award, Finalist, TextielMuseum, The Art Of Lace, Exhibition, 2020
Ico-D Excellence Award, IABR, Integrated identity, 2019
European Design Award, Zilver, IABR, Cards en flyer, 2019
European Design Award, Brons, IABR, Signs and display, 2019
European Design Award, Brons, KNHG, Printed identity, 2019
ADCN Awards, Zilver, International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, 2018
European Design Award, Zilver, Veld & Vaas, packing design, 2018
European Design Award, Finalist, Lettertype Maallust Pro, 2018
European Design Award, Finalist, The Cofoundry, Bookcover, 2018
ADCN Awards, Zilver, Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam, 2018
European Design Award, Brons, Instituut voor de Nederlandse Taal, 2017
The German Design Awards, Winnaar, TENT Rotterdam, 2017
European Design Award, Finalist, Building the Future of Health, 2017
European Design Award, Finalist, TENT Rotterdam, 2016
European Design Award, Brons, Maallust, 2015
European Design Award, Zilver, TENT Rotterdam, 2015
Beste Bieretiket van Nederland, 2011
TENT Academy Awards, 2001

Publiciteit en Activiteiten

Interview op Type01, online digital magazine, 2020
Digitaal design workshop, Raflles Milano, 2020
Expositie in V&A Dundee, Scotland (soon)
Expositie in Graphic Design Festival Breda, Stay Sane Stay Safe
Interview op Bounty Hunters, online digital magazine, 2020
Expositie, De Poster Is Dood, Design Museum Den Bosch, 2020
Gepubliceerd in Etapes Magazine, 2019
Interview op The Design Kids, 2019
Gepubliceerd in Dude Magazine #3, 2019
Expositie, Dutch Creativity Festival, poster expositie IABR, 2019
Gepubliceerd in Victionary Magazine, 2019
Expositie in Chaumont, Le Signe, centre national du graphisme, 2019
Gepubliceerd in Novum magazine, world of Graphic Design 07.17
Gepubliceerd in Loslogos 5 (compass), Gestalten
Gepubliceerd in Loslogos 6, Gestalten
Gepubliceerd in Verpakken Magazine, 2017
Gepubliceerd in Novum magazine, world of Graphic Design
Gepubliceerd in Typodarium 2014, Verlag Hermann Schmidt
Gepubliceerd in Typodarium 2013, Verlag Hermann Schmidt
Gepubliceerd in Rotterdamse Kunstkalender 2017, Trichis Publishing
Gepubliceerd in Rotterdamse Kunstkalender 2015, Trichis Publishing
Gepubliceerd in Rotterdamse Kunstkalender 2013, Trichis Publishing
Gepubliceerd in Dash, Housing the Student, Nai010 uitgevers
Gepubliceerd in Choise Gallery Magazine, Based in CA and Shanghai, 2012