Let's start a flower movement!


Veld & Vaas (Field & Vase) is a flower nursery and workshop founded by artist Denise Collignon and landscape historian and floriculturist Mariette Kamphuis. On the Hodenpijl estate near Delft they grow ‘slow flowers’: organic and in the open field. The work of Veld & Vaas focuses on the intense and temporary beauty of sprouting, growing, flowering and decay. The field is their laboratory. Veld & Vaas is a company with two focuses: art and landscape. They are characterised by plant-based materials, folklore, and historical and contemporary (floral) art. They are part of a long tradition, which they update to today: organic, concerned, and with humour.

Veld & Vaas presents itself as a symbiosis of two worlds that were the starting point of their identity. The logo can be used in two different ways: horizontally and vertically. The words Veld and Vaas always adapt within the frame, and they are separated by an ampersand in the middle. This ampersand is the connection between these two personalities.

This symbiosis is translated and applied to their website, different kinds of labels, packaging and other stationery. With this we won a European Design Award.


Veld & Vaas presents itself as a symbiosis of two worlds, which formed the starting point for the packaging. The color of the packaging is derived from the content of the soaps / ingredients (marigold and activated carbon), which also come together in a dual-colored version with both types of soap. The result is a timeless-looking package, in which the story of the inventors can be seen on the inside of the package. As soon as you open the package, you will be met with the aroma.

Winner European Design Award: Silver, 2018

A symbiosis of two worlds into one package