Studio C is a workplace inside Museum Kranenburgh


Studio C is an educational space for children we developed for Museum Kranenburgh in Bergen. We created the studio based on the concept of ‘space within a space’. The idea was to create a distinctive, demarcated area within a relatively open space without using additional walls. We found a solution by indicating the area with the use of colour. This way the absence of walls turned into an advantage: thanks to the colour visitors are able to recognize the ‘space within a space’ without being withheld by any barrier. They are free to enter and participate.

According to research, the colour red is particularly appealing to children. That is why we chose this colour to connect the floor to the one existent wall, thus creating a space within a space. A custom-made multifunctional worktable, designed by Lambert Kamps, gives the area a sense of spaciousness and functionality. The colour of the floor is also used for the table and the stools, further emphasizing the distinctive area within the larger exhibition room.

Photography: Aad Hoogendoorn

Educational assignment.

We also developed Studio C’s first educational assignment. We asked visiting children to choose a letter from the name ‘Studio C’ and to draw it any way they liked. This way, we let children playfully discover for themselves an important aspect of graphic design: typography. The created letters were then exhibited, together forming the name of the studio. We have selected a few of the hundreds of letters to be part of the new logo of Studio C.