Building the Future of Health

— European Design Award —
Finalist, information website (categorie), 2017


The international conference ‘Building the Future of Health’ (BTFOH) was a interdisciplinary congress, focused on science, health care, architecture and policy. The people behind BTFOH also organized a special extracurricular programme for visitors and inhabitants of Groningen: BTFOH Open Air.

This multitude of subjects were transformed into a clear, singular identity by translating the title and subtitle of the congress Building the Future of Health: Game changing concepts for Healthy Ageing and the built environment, into its imagery. Moving modular building blocks are meant to represent the dynamics of the congress. They serve as a metaphor for the different issues that were raised and handled. The use of typography and the repetition of words stand for various ways of communication encountered during the congress.

The building blocks were also at the base of the routing and signing during the congress at the University Medical Centre Groningen. The UMCG was fully functional during the congress. That is why the BTFOH identity needed to stand out from the centre’s regular signs. Because the congress took place in different rooms over a period of three days, we decided to create flexible and lightweight signs that could easily be moved.