BouwJong! exhibition

BouwJong! Woningbouw voor jongeren

Young people make for vibrant cities. They bring innovation and contribute to creative industry, art and culture. Just like all residents, young people deserve quality housing, especially when their population is growing like it is in Groningen. This city has been the youngest city in the Netherlands for years. Every year the city continues to grow, thanks to the presence of two major educational and research institutions: the University of Groningen and the Hanzehogeschool.

The manifestation BouwJong! was Groningen’s answer to the growing number of young people in the city and a change in demand for suitable housing. In collaboration with developers and architects and with the help of Delft University of Technology the city of Groningen started looking for a solution for new and high-quality living spaces for young people. In BouwJong! Groningen expanded upon its rich tradition of great events and actions in the area of housing and spatial quality.

Een onderzoek hoe jongeren in de toekomst wonen

The BouwJong! book was published a few months after the exhibition of the same name. In this publication all plans that were made within the framework were included: 30 total for 22 locations. In addition, the book contains various essays and the full text of the preliminary study carried out by Delft University of Technology and commissioned by the City of Groningen. Studio de Ronners added a unique visual essay: How do young people live these days? The extraordinary fish-eye photos give an overview of the enormous diversity of the project: from student digs and shipping containers to fraternity houses, guarding buildings to prevent squatting, or studio apartments.