WFFR Poster 2017

‘It spoke to all target groups in a sympathetic, Rotterdam style no-nonsense way.
It feels accessible and looks easy, one of the hardest things to do.’ 

— Winner Silver, ADCN Awards 2018, category graphic design

An multi-day filmfestival for wildlife lovers

The Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam (WFFR) is a multi-day film festival aimed at showing wildlife films and documentaries. The unique festival takes place in film theatre Cinerama in the heart of Rotterdam. The Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam aims to launch a refreshing and inspiring film festival that makes the public aware of the beauty of nature in the Netherlands and beyond, and of the importance of preserving it. Every year, the festival chooses a different theme with an accompanying animal.

From films to documentaries

We made a strong yet simple word image – readable and recognisable for everyone. Every year, a different animal is central, and determines the appearance and basic colour of the campaign image. The campaign image is created by connecting characteristic parts of the animal (legs, tail, beak, etc.) with the typography. Together with the chosen limbs/characteristics, the typography forms the animal’s body. The campaign image is intended to be suggestive, as a complete (photographic) representation would make for a traditional and not striking campaign image. It is precisely this playful character which suits the willful, niche festival. The animal always reflects the theme of the festival.

A typographical animal?

Every ‘animal icon’ is used annually in a humorous way, both in print and digitally. The recognisable, playful and striking campaign image turned out to be a big hit. The festival is widely known, which results in full attendance during every edition.

quirky and accessible at the same time

motion design: Quinten Swagerman
documentation: Aad Hoogendoorn