TENT Rotterdam

— European Design Award —
Finalist, 2016

TENT Rotterdam

TENT is a platform for contemporary art in Rotterdam. When they scheduled multiple exhibitions at the same time, a larger focus on online communication was necessary. For the new  corporate identity used for these exhibitions, we translated their wishes into a format specifically applicable in digital media. The format, wich can be transferred to print media, uses modular blocks to communicate about several exhibitions at once.

Online communication

These exhibitions fight for your attention within the same space, and we compared this to a sports match. In our design, every exhibition has its own lines based on a different sports field, like a tennis, basketball or volleyball court. For the print invitation, we separated the tickets for each exhibition using perforated lines.

A digital playing field

From web to print

The modular blocks and the web-based font, together with the playful graphics, are easily applicable on all digital media. They can easily be translated to print: a hole-in-one for TENT! Thanks to our design, a more efficient manner of working was made possible for TENT and for the studio.

Modular blocks

The minimal play of lines and colours returns throughout the entire design of each exhibition. The entrance wall to the exhibition, the windows, the texts, the title plates and the teaser all have the same design as all means of online communication.

Exhibition design

Event photography: Aad Hoogendoorn
Motion design: Sietse Veenman