Poster campaign for IABR

International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam

The eighth edition of the IABR, THE MISSING LINK ‘Our Future in the Delta, the Delta of the Future’, was launched on 1 June 2018. This topic raises challenging questions about the interaction between climate change and design. How can designers respond effectively to the effects of man-made climate change? And what stops us from doing so?

With the anti-nuclear smiling sun symbol in mind, we came up with Radical Optimism as the starting point for the campaign. Nowadays, quality of life, housing, mobility, the industry, energy, water and nature are at odds with each other. This was translated into choices of colour and typography that are conflicting. This radical imagery, and our bright and optimistic choice of colour, incited the audience to accept and embrace the Biennale’s message and respond to this Call for Change.

The digital and online communication, in addition to an extensive print campaign, gave us the opportunity to highlight the dynamics, conflict and challenges in the Delta: from motion design on social media to digital screens in the city. We developed a ‘splash-webpage’, replacing the current website of the IABR. This way, the various Delta-forms responded to the cursor movements on the screen until the page was closed and the underlying website became visible. In cooperation with developer Martijn van Bachum, we developed an interactive installation at Rotterdam Central Station, challenging the traveler to interact with the Delta forms. Each movement changed the installation’s forms and colours, and alternating quotes concerning the climate appeared, such as ‘There is no planet B’.

Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn | Motion design: Quinten Swagerman | Digital installation with: Martijn van Bachum